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Love It!

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Fat Loss, Health
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I have clients, friends, family and passersby coming to me everyday in a frantic search for truth and self-discovery. They contemplate whether or not it is even possible to look as stunningly beautiful as Kate or as devishly handsome as Pitt. They want a simple answer: YES or NO!? Well the answer, as formulaic and cliche as it may sound is: It depends.

Everyone’s genetic potential is vastly different. From the Pear to the Apple to the enviously desireable Hourglass, each bodytype is predisposed by genetics, much like eye color and hair type. You cannot do anything about this, but what I like to drill into their self-doubting psyches is that you can always, ALWAYS, look the best you possibly can. And this “best” is always within reach. Some may need to work just a bit harder than others.

What most people do not understand or choose to not see, is that fitness must be looked upon much like a marathon. Pacing oneself and looking at the big picture is important, but also taking one mile or goal at a time is crucial to any wellness plan’s success. Planning for a 30 lb loss within 3-4 months is a worthy goal to aspire to but can quickly become overwhelming when the loss doesn’t come as quickly as Dr. Oz promised it would. But breaking that goal into small increments of a few lbs per week or focusing on moving that belt loop just one hole over can do wonders for overall success.

I personally find the latter aim to be the most effective. Weight loss can be a tricky balancing act between water retention, muscle gain/fat loss, and clothing sizes, so it is best to look at how well your clothes fits to truly gauge your program’s success. If you look better and you have been told many times that you do, yet your weight seems to stay the same, don’t worry, you are doing absolutely fantastic.

What I want every self-doubter and naysayer to know at the end of the day is that  you must learn to love what the gym can do for you, to yearn not dread your next session. I ask that not only you learn to love what results you can reap but also begin appreciating the feel of your tired muscles, to hold dear the idea of feeling stronger each and every time you step into your workout place of choice, to feel a passion for your newfound diet. As sad as it is for me to admit, if you do not learn to love the fit lifestyle, you will always revert back to the start.

So please ask questions, get answers, and feed off this new life and I gaurantee you will never be more satisfied.

Happy Lifting,

Alejandro Lopez CSCS



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We live busy lives. Busy. There is no way around it and there is only minimal respite. We skimp on certain things to make ends meet and indulge in only the barest of desires…..when time permits. But there is one thing that should never be sacrificed in order to keep responsibility in check and that is your exercise.

I stress this not only because you deserve to look your best, not only because it is good for overall health, but because exercising, even minimally, makes accomplishing everything from mowing the lawn to getting the kids to soccer practice much easier. All this brought to you by endorphins, a stronger, and more lightweight you!

Your body responds to the strenuousness of hard exercise by releasing a little feel-good chemical in the brain known as endorphins. These power-packing neurotransmitters elicit a sense of well-being well after your last set is finished. It allows you to tackle the mundane and the stressful with a little more kick. This is partly why you feel such a strong sense of accomplishment and well-being when you step out of the gym and a huge reason why you keep coming back. I suggest you focus intensely on that feeling and learn to yearn for it everyday. Before you know it, you will be back for another round ready for another dose of natural happiness.