Call me Alejandro. I am a man. I am a man just like the rest of you men with dreams, hopes, fears, loves, and hates. I am a man not sure of what is it to be a man. I am a man with a BA in English and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS).  I am a man in the throes of becoming. I am a man who reached transcendence three years ago having seen my grotesque excuse for a midsection and unloving , love handles reflected back at me at every mirror, window, and shiny surface and decided that was it. I am a man who underwent a second metamorphoses after the first having found out I would be a father to a beautiful baby boy named, Tyler. I am a man of many passions, desires, and headings. I am a man whose idea of an indulgent binge involves neither drugs or alcohol but cookies and cream. I am a man whose life has been altered in the matter of months. I am a man both complex and simple; both smart and moronic. I am a man who has succeeded and failed, succeded and failed, succeeded and failed. I am a man, a father, and a  husband. I am a man at 22 and not a minute too soon. This is my life


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