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Posted: February 20, 2013 in Fat Loss, Muscle-building



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Alejandro Lopez CSCS

If you are just plain tired of the typical set-rep scheme, traveling to and fro between passive machine exercises  and mundane free weight workouts; it may be time to try some plyometrics.

Plyometric exercises involve either ballistic (quick  muscular force production) jumping, skipping,or throwing motions throughout several planes using your own bodyweight to elicit improvements in power production primarily and strength secondarily. But the benefits don’t stop there. If done in circuit fashion, meaning multiple exercises strung together in a row before resting, you can develop a fantastic fat-torching workout that is equipment free and actually fun to do.

One simple plyometric exercise that I like to start my novice clients with is the squat jump or jump and reach. The exercise entails basically doing a normal bodyweight squat but at such a high rate of motion that your feet actually leave the ground. It is simply a controlled jump with proper squat form (back straight and never rounded, chest protruded and a full seated position before ejecting upward. Another is the forward power hop which is jumping with both feet  forward instead of upward like the squat jump with as much force as possible. Think about long-jumping and the athletes who perform the movement. They attempt to jump as far as possible with minimal vertical lift. You do not want to do a little bunny hop and call it a day.

If you really despise having to count reps and clock in rest times then you are in luck, my friends. Plyos are very condusive to Crossfit type training that has you performing several exercises strung together (circuits) for time. So you can try stringing squat jumps, hops (one-legged and two-legged), side jumps, etc and perform as many circuits you can do for 5 or ten minutes. My hope is that you will be tired and you will love the feeling.

Happy Lifting!

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