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Studies have shown that engaging in aerobic or endurance exercise prior to anaerobic or resistance training can result in diminished strength when engaging in the anaerobic portion. Though I am not advocating dropping steady-state cardio from your routine, I am recommending that you split the resistance and cardio, electing to weight train on one day and do cardio another. This allows for greater recovery between the two portions and helps prevent overtraining.

P.S. As an added bonus, adopt HIIT training instead of steady -state cardio for maximum strength and muscle gain.



Go Green! No, I am not advocating being carbon- neutral, I am requesting, nay, urging that you give green tea extract a whirl if you want to lose an extra pound or two of unsightly fat. Though drinking the actual tea has its many benefits, you would have to consume dozens of cups a day to reach the fat burning dosage you could easily find in a few pills a day. Just make sure that when choosing the perfect pill,they contain a proven amount of EGCG, a polyphenol that is the prime mover of those stubborn fat cells in your body.

Also, caffeine and EGCG work very well synergistically to combat fat throughout the day, so take both throughout the day with meals for a killer combo.

Note: It is vital that you take the appropriate dosage of each for your given bodyweight, no more and no less, to achieve the perfect combination of safety and results.


When a certain bodypart is lacking in your physique, be it your calf muscles or back muscles, and you wish to see them grow and become stronger, you must prioritize that specific bodypart. This means that before anything else, before working on your absolute favorite, strongest , most responsive muscle, you should stimulate that stubborn muscle. So if you need bigger calves, throw in a few sets of seated calf raises  either before you begin your leg workout or before any workout at all. (working any muscle for a few sets before every workout of the week sends a signal to your body that you will be using it often so it must grow!) So priotize this!

Hey guys, check out this link and your stomach will be very glad you did! There are new studies that lay grounds for more progressive thought on nutrient timing and this one blow them all out of the water. But remember, do your research and never take anything at face value. Enjoy!

The New and the Old

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Health
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The fitness world is ever-changing. Theories are born, die, and are reborn into another skin. What was cutting edge dogma a year ago may be old news today. What was once a  detriment to health is now a beacon of long life and fitness. The reason I am writing this is to bring up a point I wished I had learned a long whole ago.

The point is this. What you are informed of today be it by a fledgling personal trainer or a seasoned, fitness veteran may be completely false but upheld by longstanding beliefs that are just as misleading and incorrect. I mention this never to discourage but to inform and there is a lesson.

My lesson to you should you choose to listen is to question everything that you are told, do in depth research into the science and rationale behind the many theories, and if the theory stands up to your rigorous tests; test it thoroughly on yourself. Try different approaches and always, always seek to improve. Because in the end, the hope to improve and better ourselves is one of the few things we will always hold on to. This rings true not only for  health and fitness but also in everything that we do.

So kick your training and diet in gear and always seek to try new things. because when you find your niche, your OWN method of being and doing; you will look and feel better than you have ever felt or imagined in your life. God speed!

Simply because you are sore from your last workout does not mean that you cannot workout that same body part today. In other words, being sore or experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) does not always imply that the body part is still recovering. So if you feel up to it, try hitting each body part twice per week for greater gains!