Set-Rep! # 9-Break that Fast!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Set-Reps! Tips, Uncategorized
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Always eat your breakfast and never falter. You have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for good reason. Breaking that night-long fast allows your body to kick catabolism (eating up muscle-bad) out the door and initiate an anabolic state (muscle creation-good) which allows for greater fat burn. Aim to consume a solid protein source such as whole eggs to supply much need amino acids and a wholesome carb source such as whole wheat toast or oatmeal to kickstart your new day! Happy Break-Fasting!

  1. breakfast is the best meal of the day by far! well for me anyway. great post!!

  2. seekfit says:

    I’m strong believer of eating breakfast and regular meals, and agree with this post. What are your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting? This style of eating usually doesn’t have a traditional breakfast in the morning but a feeding window that starts later in the day.

    • Well intermittent fasting is usually ambiguous and varies among its users, some do as you say and others do not eat for a day at a time and pound the next day’s meals like there’s no tomorrow. It has worked extremely well as far as I have read for many so I will never invalidate it.
      Nutrient timing as it was is no longer as extremely relevant. In other words, the “eating six meals spaced out evenly” deal was largely based on conjecture and is not always based on reality. But, eating breakfast provides much needed energy even if weight loss or muscle gain may be unaffected in some. Thanks for the comment! Good Point!

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