Cheating is Good.

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Fat Loss, Muscle-building
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With all the fitness talk circling the internet, television, books, magazines, and even this blog (go figure), I desired nothing more today than to sit back and talk about cheating. Cheating is a big part of my life now and helps me reach my goals better and faster than ever before. Cheating is truly a blissful, stress-reliever and should be implemented by everyone.

I am very pleased to present you with Cheat Meal! A round of applause, please, for the illustrious, always-pleasing, spectacularly delectable cheat meal! I apologize for the immeasurable, titanic build-up, but my passion for the cheat meal is beyond measure. I will touch on the reasoning behind the use of the cheat meal briefly, but will focus primarily on what I tend to eat, how much I eat of it, and how I betray my goals sometimes. This one is about me.

The Cheat Meal tends to break up the monotony of any diet allowing the mind to rest so as to get right back on track the next day. It also has the power of ramping up your metabolism back to normal levels, before near starvation was the norm. So, in essence, the cheat meal should be part of anyone’s long-term diet. You need to eat the comfort foods that you love at least weekly so that you maintain a fixed eye on your goals rather than a frozen gaze on that pizza slice.

Well, I am a fallible, flaw-filled human just like the next guy and I tend to overstep the “cheat meal” methodology and fall right into the precipitous pit of the “CHEAT DAY!” But I recognize the guilt, embrace it, and work to have the best, loyal day the next. So it works out. I lose weight at a very reasonable 1-2 lbs per week and maintain just about all of the muscle I worked so hard for. So above all, the purpose of the article is to show you that there is plenty of hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Fried Chicken Bites Box, and you should never despair. Eat what you want for a meal or two and plop right back into your diet plan like it never happened! But I digress…On to the Feast!

This past weekend was a particularly bad one. I loaded up on cake pops, destroyed half a tray of cuban-style “pastelitos,” and then proceeded to indulge in a four course meal of Thai/Japanese delicacy. All of this accomplished before 2 p.m. I was on the fast track to illness but I refrained from the seemingly obligatory barf-session and waited for the next phase of culinary savagery.

I had a wedding retreat scheduled for that night and the edible goodies contained were not lossed upon me. I was ready for another round and the best part was the all-you-can eat price tag(Sad huh, I have a wedding retreat scheduled with my beautiful fiancée and all I can think about is food).  So without further ado, I was presented with an unlimited supply of fried-potato chips, plump turkey and provolone wraps, and chewy, chocolate chip cookies. Not the greatest assortment of foods, but definitely enough to whet my appetite.

So in the end, I consumed somewhere close to 50,000 Calories but I did it with a smile on my face. The next day, this past Saturday, I ate even more but again I did not stress or fret. I faced the next couple of days with a game face and a satisfied stomach, I ate very well (mostly protein, very little carbs, and moderate fats—Carb Cycling!) and am well on my way to completed another two just like this. Until my next feeding frenzy, it will be pretty much chicken breast and fish for me. Until then, I will dream of the cheating to come.

  1. Oh this is awesome. I’ve always hated the term “cheat day” but I totally cheat. And then the next day, I go back like nothing happened. Still losing weight too.

    I find if people set a “cheat day” in their diet, they just plan for it and totally overdo it. Mine just kind of “happen” and I deal with it.

  2. Linds says:

    I agree I have trouble when I’m dieting to stay on a steady healthy course, cheat days are awesome! Anyway I find this useful thanks!

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