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Always eat your breakfast and never falter. You have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for good reason. Breaking that night-long fast allows your body to kick catabolism (eating up muscle-bad) out the door and initiate an anabolic state (muscle creation-good) which allows for greater fat burn. Aim to consume a solid protein source such as whole eggs to supply much need amino acids and a wholesome carb source such as whole wheat toast or oatmeal to kickstart your new day! Happy Break-Fasting!


Go Uni! Training unilaterally (using one arm or one leg for an exercise as opposed to both) is a fantastic abdominal stimulator, as your body must maintain fixed to counter-balance the weight, a great change-up in your routine, and vital way to make sure that both halves of your body are symmetrical. So try doing dumbbell curls, tricep extensions, and chest flys with one arm instead of two and reap the benefits.

P.S. Also try doing squats and lunges with one leg instead of two for a great, new workout. But start off with the bodyweight versions of the two to gauge balance and single-limb strength.  Happy Lifting!

Eat your eggs! On top of being versatile and delicious, the egg is packed with a great protein profile meaning it has a fantastic assortment and abundance of amino acids to feed your starved, morning muscles. But what you may not know is that most of the egg’s valuable nutrients are located in the yolk, so eat the whole darn thing and never look back. Happy Egging!

P.S. Just don’t go crazy on them, they do contain a moderate amount of saturated fat (Not always the bad guy). Two or three in the morning is just fine.

Instead of steady-state, regular ol’ cardio try HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. It is basically a cycle session composed of a sprint for about thirty seconds to a minute followed by 30 seconds of very low intensity cardio for a total of 10-20min. This can be accomplished by running, cycling, or any other  form of cardiovascular exercise. Studies have shown that, as a whole, HIIT burns more calories and tends to build muscle faster than normal cardio. So HIIT it up!


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Ya Snooze, Ya win! Sleep is your best friend for any occasion, be it fat loss, muscle-gain, or sports training, So get your rest in every night, at least 7 hours, and, if you can, separate resistance training sessions by a day. Also, if you have been on a steady exercise plan for over two months it may be time to take a week off and let those hard-working muscles take a breather. You will likely come back harder and stronger and your muscles will be glad you did.

Change is good! Vary your fitness and diet routine regularly. Nothing is worse for progress than stagnation so always improve and never stall. Increase weight, change repetition and set range, try HIIT cardio (look it up!), and vary your dieting patterns (carb, protein, and fat intake and timing). See what works best and do it!

Get Fishy with it! Try hard to consume your fish oil every day for overall health, fitness, and even weight loss! Make sure that the soft-gels you purchase contain a hefty amount of EPA/DHA as these are the omega-3 fatty acids that produce the benefit.

Allow me….

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I wanted to take this time and step away from providing the best fitness info on the web (At least I like to think so) and request that you all do something for me. It is very simple and should take no more than a minute out of your day. It will be greatly appreciated and handsomely rewarded.  I would love if you asked me for help. That’s it. Post any question, query, comment, picture, likes, dislikes, anything so that I may do my best to help you or better my site and delivery.

I started this blog for this very reason and I am asking a simply favor: allow me to help. Thank you and happy blogging!


It is important when engaging in resistance training to truly feel and control the weight in its negative or eccentric portion (when weight is relaxed or coming down) because this is where the micro tears that cause muscle to grow actually occur. So remember to take your time and never let the weight just fall!

Set-Rep! #1

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by Patrick Biestman, North Augusta

It is far more beneficial to exercise more and eat more than to exercise less and eat less. Basically, it is better to burn 200 calories more on the treadmill and eat 200 calories worth of lean chicken or wild rice than to skimp on the running time and neglect the side dish. The more you exercise the more you can eat! Yum!